Precise positioning for autonomy in all conditions.
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Unearthing the Future of Autonomy

GPR Ground Positioning Radar™ is on a mission to redefine the boundaries of autonomy by utilizing subterranean data to ensure positioning precision in even the most challenging conditions.

Whether on urban roads, mine sites, freight yards, or factories and warehouses, autonomous vehicles equipped with GPR technology can navigate remote terrain with confidence.
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The Power of Subsurface Mapping

In automated driving, the surface of the road is just the beginning.

GPR technology uses ground penetrating radar to capture unique, character-rich subterranean data for positioning, regardless of above-ground conditions and challenges. Inclement weather compromised line of sight, roads with poor or no lane marking, weak GPS signals, and road terrain no longer affect the uptime and availability of autonomous navigation.

By mapping beneath the surface, GPR offers consistent and reliable localization in any environment.

Introducing WaveSense Technology

WaveSense represents a significant advancement in autonomy, addressing critical challenges in localization.

Comprising of three integral components—GroundSense sensor, NavSense localization software, and MapSense mapping suite—WaveSense is the epitome of all-weather, all-environments mapping and positioning.


The GroundSense sensor captures data beneath the surface, generating unique “fingerprints” that can be used to reliably localize any WaveSense-equipped vehicle driving over previously scanned surfaces.


NavSense matches subsurface scans and accurately outputs the vehicle position in real-time, even amidst weak GPS signals or on roads lacking clear markings.


MapSense transforms data into high-definition maps that can further improve positioning accuracy with post-processed reference data.

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Unmatched Precision

With over a decade of expertise in the autonomous vehicle landscape, GPR remains at the forefront of innovation. Our solutions not only meet current needs but also anticipate the dynamic demands of tomorrow’s environments, making GPR technology the trusted choice for forward-thinking industries.

  • Works in all-weather conditions
  • High availability year-round
  • Lean data requirements
  • Enables functional safety
  • Low compute cost
  • Low power consumption