Precise positioning for autonomy in all conditions.
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Safeguarding the Automated Driving Experience

GPR (formerly WaveSense) is introducing Ground Positioning Radar™—the technology that expands the operational envelope of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving in areas where others fail. Accurate within centimeters, it enables precise and predictable vehicle positioning by mapping and tracking subterranean features.

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Pinpoint accuracy—even in the most challenging conditions

GPR brings to the market the most reliable vehicle positioning system available today.

Using ultra-wideband radar to create a 3-D map of the road’s subsurface, GPR performs where other sensors fail: in inclement weather, compromised line of sight, on roads with poor or no lane marking, amid weak GPS signals, or on off-road terrain. 

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Automated Vehicle Localization

GPR is changing the game for advanced driver-assistance systems with our first-of-its-kind localization solution, increasing accuracy and reliability. Our technology can provide true automated driving to customers.

Works in all conditions Lean data requirements
Orthogonal redundancy Low compute cost
Enables functional safety Low power consumption