Ground Penetrating Radar

The Subsurface Solution for ADAS and AV

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Drivers Don’t Trust Current ADAS and AV Technologies

Current advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated vehicle (AV) systems have provided drivers with safety features that help them drive better and prevent possible crashes. The problem is, sensors, like lidar and camera, just aren’t cutting it.

80% of drivers want their current advanced driver-assistance systems to work better.

Weather, road markings and GPS signals are unreliable. Drivers need their vehicles prepared to properly handle whatever comes their way, as the transition from a safe driving scenario to a dangerous one can happen in a second.

What Camera and Lidar Sensors Can’t See, Literally

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that up to 51%* of traffic fatalities could be mitigated with the mass adoption of fully autonomous vehicles.

For this to be achieved, self-driving technology must be:

  • Precise
  • Accurate
  • Reliable

in all weather, road conditions and geographic areas.

Current AV technologies including lidar, forward-facing radar and camera-based systems can only operate based on what they can “see” in front of them and around them.

These systems can be easily obstructed by snow, dirt, and debris covering the vehicle’s sensors, limiting their ability to fully see what’s in their vicinity and prevent crashes.

Without clear lane markings—in the event of snow, heavy rainfall, or off-road conditions—or strong GPS signals, the typical sensors tracking vehicle location cannot function properly.

To meet the demands of today’s drivers, automated and autonomous vehicles need a new sensing component that thinks differently and increases consumer confidence in ADAS programs.

*U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. (2021, April 5). Roadway Departure Safety. Federal Highway Administration

Introducing Ground Positioning RadarTM: Ground Penetrating Radar for the Automotive Industry

Ground penetrating radar isn’t a new concept. The technology is currently being used to locate utility infrastructure underground and identify objects within a surface, such as concrete.

But, it’s never been used for automated driving, until now.

GPR’s innovative take on ground penetrating radar includes a proprietary hardware, software and algorithm design. GPR is the only company in the automotive sector currently using ground penetrating radar to support ADAS and AV capabilities.

GPR technology works in tandem with other sensor systems to locate where a vehicle is in the world, down to the centimeter. This is why GPR named its technology, Ground Positioning RadarTM.

Go Deeper: Improve Your ADAS and AV Capabilities with GPR’s Ground Penetrating Radar System

GPR is working with leading automakers to deliver the missing safety component that current ADAS systems and AVs need: Ground Positioning RadarTM.

How GPRs Ground Penetrating Radar System Bridges the Safety Gap

GPR combines exceptional, real-time subsurface data from ground penetrating radar technology and underground mapping to create a 3-D map of the road’s subsurface terrain. Ground Positioning RadarTM is…

  • Specifically designed for self-driving navigation
  • Provides peak performance, no matter the weather or light conditions
  • Integrates with your vehicle’s current navigation system


GPR is the solution that automakers pursuing Level 2+ need to enhance the safety and performance of their ADAS and AV operations.

GPR’s ground penetrating radar solution can see what lidar- and camera- only ADAS can’t.

Contact us today to learn more about GPR and take your driving experience to the next level.