Navigating the Seas of Automation

The global economy is heavily dependent on ports, with 70% of the global merchandise trade passing through a port and growing. Today’s increasingly complex logistical demands at seaports are stretching infrastructure and personnel. Developing safe and reliable autonomous operations is the key to a future of efficient, seamless transportation of goods around the world, and to meeting increasing demand.

Traditional sensors like Lidar and computer vision fall short when faced with inclement weather, changing surface conditions, or the intricacies of port environments.

Unwavering Localization

Unlocking a new realm of precision and reliability, GPR’s groundbreaking Ground Positioning Radar™ technology leverages the untapped potential of our underground landscape to create 3D maps that accurately localize vehicles, regardless of surface conditions.

By providing the only solution that performs under all conditions, GPR allows vehicles to determine their precise location – to the centimeter level.

Driving Automation Forward

GPR’s system enables consistent operation in a wider range of conditions, resulting in more up-time and better fleet economics. It radically improves accuracy by keeping vehicles in their lanes while operating in complex and busy environments with little, or no, visual localizations.

24/7 Availability

Enables continuous, non-stop operations, reducing downtime and increasing throughput to meet global shipping demands


GPR maps can be rapidly created, updated and modified with no added infrastructure or ODD intrusion


Removing humans from harm's way reduces the risk of accidents and injuries in seaports


Maps remain unchanged, protected by the ground, providing a consistent level of performance, reducing variability in cargo handling and logistics processes


Reliable regardless of severe weather conditions or disruption in GNSS availability

Routing Efficiency

GPR-equipped vehicles can follow optimal routes, correctly localized within the port, reducing transit times and improving overall logistics efficiency

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