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After years of development, MIT’s Lincoln Lab ground-penetrating radar was patented by GPR (Ground Positioning Radar™) in 2012 and first deployed in Afghanistan in 2013. Gaining traction in the commercial industry since 2015, GPR is driving a new standard for safety and expanding markets for autonomous vehicles and automated operations.

Research and development with MIT Lincoln Laboratory
WaveSense founded with the goal to provide the most reliable localization for autonomous vehicles in all environments and conditions
SEPT 2017
First complete WaveSense system released
SEPT 2019
Met US emissions requirements, chartering a pathway through US regulations
SEPT 2020
Gen 2 released: Reduction in thickness to a 1" cavity, 80% reduction in volume
DEC 2020
GPR meets EU RED emissions limits
FEB 2021
GPR capable of long GNSS outages such as tunnels, urban canyons and parking garages
JUN 2021
Rebrand WaveSense to GPR Ground Positining Radar™
SEPT 2021
GPR capable of supporting fully GNSS denied applications
JUN 2022
Cloud processes of automated map uploading, smoothing and analysis
DEC 2022
First commercial units shipped
AUG 2023
Autonomous seaport: Industrial Container Cargo freight ship, forklift handling container box loading for logistic import export and transport industry concept
GPR and BTG partner to supply advanced positioning technology for automated ports
FEB 2024
GPR and Borealis Precision sign agreement to provide positioning technology for autonomy
GPR partners with Borealis Precision as first official reseller
MAY 2024

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