Sky-High Precision

In the U.S. alone, nearly 3 million people travel by air every day. That figure will only increase, putting even more pressure on the complicated job of effectively managing airport logistics.

In the vast tarmac of an airport, planes and service vehicles must coexist safely, in which precise vehicle localization is essential. In the broadest sense, vehicle localization is the process of locating a vehicle in a particular place or environment, enabling safe and reliable autonomous driving and transportation.

Reliable Autonomous Navigation Anywhere

For any autonomous vehicle to navigate to its destination, the vehicle must accurately localize itself in its operating environment no matter the weather, traffic congestion, time of day, or the size and type of vehicles it is sharing the “road” with. 

Unlocking a new realm of precision and reliability, GPR’s groundbreaking technology leverages the untapped potential of our underground landscape, providing the only solution that performs under all conditions. By mapping unique, data-rich subterranean data, GPR allows vehicles to determine their precise location – to the centimeter level – regardless of conditions on the surface. 

Greater Uptime and Fleet Economics

On-Time Performance

Accurate localization in any conditions ensures that autonomous shuttles adhere to precise schedules, minimizing delays and providing reliable transportation

GPS Independent Localization

In environments like hangars and maintenance facilities, where GPS signals are unavailable, or signal-dense areas that struggle with interference

Fueling Cost Savings

Maximize vehicle uptime and availability to accelerate airport autonomy ROI

Enhanced Safety

Accurate localization minimizes the risk of accidents and delays on the tarmac, optimizing vehicle movements reducing the likelihood of collisions

Scalable Across Surfaces

Road agnostic, ensures reliable navigation across dense, complex airport surfaces, without the need for extensive infrastructure changes

Affordable and Easy Integration

Affordable solution for existing autonomous vehicle platforms, allowing airport operators to upgrade their fleets without disrupting ongoing operations

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