WaveSense Technology

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WaveSense Technology

WaveSense is the technology that enables GPR’s all-weather, all-environments subsurface mapping and localization. The system consists of three main components: the GroundSense sensor, NavSense localization software, and MapSense mapping suite.


GPR’s innovative radar scans the subsurface and generates unique “fingerprints” that can be used to reliably localize any WaveSense-equipped vehicle over a previously scanned area.

  • Mounts discretely under any over-the-road and off-road vehicle
  • Can be mounted at multiple heights, in most locations under the chassis
  • Features a modular design that scales for different applications and autonomy system architectures


NavSense is the system’s proprietary algorithm, which matches subsurface scans and accurately outputs the vehicle position.

  • Provides localization accuracy up to 5 cm RMS
  • Deployable across various compute options
  • Flexible system interface compatible with 3rd party localization fusion systems

NavSense intelligently collects and transfers data to MapSense.


MapSense is a powerful suite that processes GroundSense data to create, update, host, and deploy maps.

  • Fuses data from multiple runs into a single map
  • Automatically updates existing maps after changes are detected by NavSense
  • Compatible with commonly used reference systems

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WaveSense seamlessly integrates with existing localization fusion systems, offering reliable and accurate positioning for everything that moves autonomously. Developed for commercial operations, contact us to learn more about equipping your vehicles today.