Groundbreaking Localization

Mining and quarry operations are notorious for their challenging and hazardous environments. Steep terrains, intricate underground passages, and the potential for unstable conditions make these settings particularly unforgiving.

Autonomous mining processes allow for continued operations without the need to put humans in harm's way, increasing safety, allowing for 24/7/365 uptime, and decreasing costs due to human error. However, traditional technologies have the same single points of failure due to harsh conditions in the environment or unreliable GNSS.

The subterranean data under the driving surface is akin to a unique and easily detectable fingerprint. Underground data provides unique landmarks isolated from environmental conditions.

Positioning in Harsh Conditions and GNSS-Denied Areas

Every inch of the road and a mining site has a unique, non-changing signature full of robust characteristics ideal for localization. This information includes details about underground structures, geological compositions, water levels, and voids, offering a comprehensive understanding of the environment crucial for accurate localization.

Unlike above-ground scenarios where weather conditions, poor lane markings, and lighting can impact sensor accuracy, subterranean environments are shielded from external influences. This allows GPR’s WaveSense system to provide consistent and reliable data even in dust, disruption in GNSS, severe weather conditions, and Ionospheric Scintillation.

Benefits Beneath the Surface

WaveSense enables consistent operation in a wider range of conditions, resulting in more up-time and better fleet economics. It radically improves accuracy by keeping vehicles in their lanes while operating in complex and busy mining environments with little, or no, visual localizations.

Benefits Beneath the Surface:

Orthogonal Redundancy

Enhances system reliability by cross-verifying and validating positioning data, significantly reducing the risk of errors or inaccuracies


Automated vehicles eliminate the need for human operators to navigate hazardous terrains, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries

Continuous Uptime

Without the need for exact conditions to be able to navigate, and with the ability to operate around the clock, automated vehicles maximize productivity and accelerate project timelines

Environmental Preservation

Precise navigation minimizes the disturbance of surrounding ecosystems, enabling sustainable mining practices

Cost Efficiency

By streamlining operations and reducing downtime, automated processes translate into significant cost savings over time

Affordable Maintenance

Affordable hardware, low compute power, and low power consumption provide further cost advantages

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