Destination: Dependable Localization

Industrial facilities often have complex layouts, from manufacturing plants to warehouses and distribution centers. Automated shuttles can navigate these environments with precision, optimizing material handling, and reducing congestion.

To ensure safe automation, shuttles must be able to localize with precise accuracy at every minute of the journey, no matter the terrain. In its broadest sense, vehicle localization is the process of locating a vehicle in a particular place or environment.

Reliable Autonomous Navigation Anywhere

GPR Ground Positioning Radar™ provides shuttles with the most reliable means of localizing relative to their operating domain.  

The system feeds detailed – centimeter-level — positioning data into a vehicle’s navigation system, enabling consistent autonomous driver-assist capabilities including lane-keeping and automated parking regardless of the surface conditions. This is especially important in complex environments where many shuttles operate, and where lane markings and GPS may be scarce. 

Subterranean radar images enable a whole new dimension of automated driving. With the fusion of subsurface positioning to above-ground cameras and LIDAR sensing information, self-driving shuttles now have a complete toolkit to ensure a safe ride at all times. 

Consistent, Automated Uptime

Tested and proven effective in real-world shuttle environments, GPR leverages the stability of subsurface maps to provide reliable results.


Regardless of severe weather conditions or disruption in GNSS availability, meets functional safety requirements for broad operational areas


Automated shuttles supported by GPR can operate 24/7, eliminating downtime with other sensor fail points


Independent of changing surface markers and effective in homogenous environments


Low cost and maintenance, unlocks key ADAS features for maximized ROI


GPR maps can be rapidly created, updated and modified with no added infrastructure


Can be tailored to specific needs, whether providing urban, airport or industrial shuttle transit

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