Transforming ADAS with GPR

Accurate in even the most challenging of conditions

Significantly increasing accuracy and reliability for driver-assist systems when they need it most.

Passenger cars and trucks

Ground Positioning Radar™ makes autonomy work where it falls short today for drivers and passengers alike. For instance, it enables reliable lane-keeping and autonomous parking by operating independently of lane markings and GPS signals.

Long-haul through last mile trucking

GPR’s product enables consistent operation in a wider range of conditions, resulting in more up-time and better fleet economics. It radically improves accuracy of the system by keeping trucks in their lanes while operating in low feature environments.

Other applications

Originally developed for military use, our proven technology is suited for use in warehousing, construction, utilities, mining, agriculture, rail and delivery, creating advantages in efficiency and safety. GPR enables precise in-route positioning over any distance.

Powering Autonomous Features Drivers Want

Car staying within a lane in a tunnel

Lane Keeping

Two cars parked in a parking garage

Autonomous Parking

Car driving off road


ADAS drivers can trust

GPR delivers what drivers want: reliable automated and assisted driving features that work when they’re needed.

Driver is using lane keep assist

Meeting consumer demand

80% of drivers want vehicle safety systems to work better, including lane keeping and autonomous parking assistance. With GPR, automakers are enhancing vehicles with more reliable and accurate advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) features to better safeguard the automated driving experience.

Car driving on highway using lane keep assist system

Going beyond vision and GPS

Other solutions monitor and track conditions in front of and surrounding a vehicle, GPR scans the unchanging subsurface below the vehicle to place it precisely on the roadway. Our technology is unaffected by GPS availability, terrain, and other common issues that force today’s ADAS systems to turn off.

Making autonomous vehicles a reality

We don’t think AVs should be confined to pristine conditions and crystal clear lane markings—and with GPR, they aren’t.

We’re helping automakers meet demand for reliable ADAS

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