Digging Deeper for Precision

In dynamic construction sites, accurate positioning of autonomous vehicles and machinery is paramount for efficiency and safety. Traditional methods often struggle to provide consistency, especially in scenarios where visibility is limited, or where site conditions are adverse.

That’s why we created WaveSense.

WaveSense-Guided Autonomy

Unlike conventional methods reliant on above-ground conditions, the WaveSense sensor penetrates beneath the surface, extracting stable, character-rich data for the most reliable and robust positioning available.

With just one map of the of the route, WaveSense delivers unparalleled localization regardless of inclement weather, compromised line of sight, or poor GPS signal reception. Autonomous construction vehicles can navigate confidently through diverse terrains and complex environments, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Building Beyond Boundaries

All-Weather Positioning

Centimeter-level localization allows construction machinery to operate with pinpoint accuracy even in areas with adverse weather, dust, or obscured line of sight

Enhanced Safety

GPR feeds a vehicle’s position directly into the navigation system for ADAS safety features that are always on, mitigating risks

Maximized Efficiency

24/7/365 uptime with consistently running fleets maximizes fleet resources and assets

Infrastructure Independent

Operates across homogeneous environments, without reliance on lane markings, GPS signals, or domain intrusion

On-Time Performance

Accurate localization ensures that autonomous machinery adheres to precise timelines, minimizing delays and meeting project schedules


GPR technology is versatile and can be integrated with existing machinery, offering a scalable solution for projects of varying scopes and complexities

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