Precision for Consistent Uptime

In the middle mile of the delivery process, vehicles and other road users must coexist safely, for which precise vehicle localization is essential. In the broadest sense, localization is the process of locating a vehicle in a particular environment, enabling safe and reliable autonomous driving and transportation.

By solving for positioning, autonomous middle mile trucks can increase uptime, availability, and safe delivery of goods across the supply chain. We’ve created WaveSense for this next frontier of middle mile transportation.

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Precision Meets Innovation

Utilizing advanced ground penetrating radar, GPR’s WaveSense maps beneath the surface, positioning on unique data that is unaffected by dynamic surface conditions.

WaveSense is engineered for the complexities of the middle mile, ensuring your fleet remains on course, regardless of the environment. In inclement weather, areas with compromised GPS signals, or roads lacking clear lane markings, WaveSense delivers where others falter.

Greater Availability and Fleet Economics

Precision in All Conditions

Precise positioning regardless of weather or road conditions, offering a significant edge over GPS and optical sensors.

Reliable Safety

Consistent performance reduces the risk of accidents caused by lack of localization or human errors.

Operational Efficiency

Optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and increase overall fleet efficiency, translating to lower operational costs and higher profit margins.

Enhanced Computing Power

Minimize computing demand from perception systems, freeing to use computing power to detect more objects, track faster, and focus on perception.

Address Shortages

Tackle challenges in current labor shortages, hours-of-service regulations, and the supply of driver hours, creating an augmented, modern workforce.

Seamless Integration

Designed to complement existing AV systems, offering easy integration with minimal disruption to your operations.

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