Localization Agility and Reliability

Within the bustling confines of manufacturing plants and warehouses, autonomous vehicle (AV) operations encounter distinct localization and positioning challenges. Traditional sensors struggle in spaces that are homogenous—where every aisle, column, and shelf appear identical, while dynamic objects constantly evolve.

This can leave AVs disoriented, unable to pinpoint their location or navigate with accuracy without costly and inflexible solutions. That’s where GPR’s WaveSense emerges as the game-changing solution.

GPR for Forklift and AMR automation

Manufacturing Environments: Challenges and Solutions

WaveSense’s advanced ground penetrating radar technology cuts through the uniformity of cohesive spaces, using unique data below any surface to precisely position warehouse and manufacturing vehicles.

Not reliant on objects located within facilities, GPS, or clear line of sight, WaveSense delivers localization capabilities that set a new standard for warehouse AV efficiency and reliability.

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Redefining Manufacturing Autonomy

Precision in Homogenous Spaces

Unparallel localization and navigation, even in environments where every inch looks the same.

Adaptation to Dynamic Environments

WaveSense-equipped AVs effortlessly adapt to changing layouts, inventory configurations, and equipment placements.

Cost-Efficiency and Savings

Eliminates the need for costly installations and enables easy adaptation to evolving operational needs.

Optimized Throughput

Minimizes AV downtime and maximizes productivity of assets. optimizing workflow efficiency.

Enhanced Safety

Precise localization capabilities reduce the risk of collisions and associated costs.

Scalable Solution

The WaveSense sensor is designed for scalability, with a form factor created for warehouse–specific vehicles.

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