Unparalleled Safety and Availability

To ensure safe automation, trucks must be able to localize with precise accuracy at every minute of the journey, no matter visibility or the surrounding environment.

Despite advancements in autonomous vehicle technology, traditional sensors often face challenges in adverse conditions such as inclement weather, compromised line of sight, and poorly marked roads.

Freight Subterranean Detection

Independent, Reliable Autonomous Navigation

GPR’s WaveSense technology provides trucks with the most reliable means of localizing relative to the roads they cover. The system feeds detailed, centimeter-level positioning data into a truck’s navigation system, enabling consistent autonomous driver-assist capabilities, including lane-keeping, regardless of weather or visibility.

Independent of surface conditions, WaveSense provides freight operators with a proven way to perform Minimum-Risk Maneuvers (MRM), relying on the sensor in conditions that others fail.

Greater Uptime and Fleet Economics

All-Weather Accuracy

Heavy fog, snow, or even dust storms, GPR works reliably in any conditions, ensuring your trucks operate seamlessly, rain or shine.

Functional Safety

Consistent positioning in autonomous trucks reduces the risk of accidents caused by error, making the roads safer for everyone.

Sensor Redundancy

Operates independently from the perception modalities to enhance reliability and fault tolerance of the autonomy stack

Operational Efficiency

Increased uptime and availability ensure autonomous trucks can run longer, make faster trips, and optimize delivery and on-time performance.

Address Shortages

Platooning and other localization potential addresses the current labor shortages, hours-of-service regulations, and the supply of driver hours.

Cost Savings

Affordable installation and maintenance, lean computing budget, and low power consumption provides further cost advantages

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