The surface changes, GPR maps don’t

Technology tackling the industry’s most common obstacles

Our Ground Positioning Radar™ provides automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and autonomous vehicle companies with the tools to deliver new levels of safety and performance for their customers. The advanced subterranean maps developed by GPR are also being leveraged across other industries for commercial robots and equipment.

How it works

Tire with radar sent into ground

Scanning in real-time

Packaged underneath the vehicle, our product sends low frequency pulses two to three meters into the ground to pick up reflections from below the road surface and create a detailed map.

Demonstration of cars with lane assist

Advanced positioning

Our automated process compares previously measured stable subsurface terrain with real-time underground data to accurately position vehicles on the road without relying on lane markings or an unpredictable surface environment.

Car driving on the road using ground penetrating radar systems

Integrating with vehicle navigation

GPR feeds this detailed positioning data into a vehicle’s navigation system, enabling it to provide reliable and accurate autonomous driver-assist capabilities including lane-keeping and automated parking.

GPR goes a step deeper

Ground Positioning Radar™ means pinpoint accuracy even in the most challenging conditions. Connect with our team to learn more.