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Capabilities of Ground Penetrating Radar Technology

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We’re pioneering the safest and highest performing assisted driving and autonomous capabilities with Ground Positioning Radar™ (GPR). As the world’s most precise and reliable vehicle positioning system, Ground Positioning Radar™ allows vehicles to determine their precise location with centimeter-level accuracy, no matter how challenging road conditions become. We’re working closely with automakers and Tier 1 partners to help vehicles safely navigate where current ADAS technologies fall short and to realize a vision of the future where AVs are the standard.

Unmatched expertise in sensors, software, and automotive technologies

GPR brings expertise in the sensor, software, and automotive technology fields. The team draws on past experiences from leading companies in automotive, robotics, and software to deliver a product that has no parallel.

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GPR is changing the way people drive by making ADAS more reliable and accelerating the mass adoption of AVs.

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