Making autonomous vehicles (AVs) work

Enabling mass AV adoption with systems that see in 4D

We are integrating our first-of-its-kind localization solution with some of the largest automakers in the world, providing the tools to deliver true AV technology to customers.

Advancing safety

Existing AV technologies seek to recreate the perfect human driver by emulating human vision and wayfinding; however, autonomous vehicles have the ability to be better and safer than human drivers if they can tap into data that isn’t available to the human eye. GPR does just that and as a result helps autonomous and driver-assisted vehicles perform in all conditions and environments.

Autonomous vehicle driving on the road

Taking vehicle sensing further

Our subterranean radar images enable a whole new dimension of vehicle sensing. With the fusion of subsurface positioning to above-ground cameras and LIDAR sensing information, self-driving cars now have a complete, 4-D toolkit to ensure a safe ride at all times.

Cars driving fast on both sides of the highway

Integrating with current systems

Safety is everyone’s #1 priority in the industry. Fusing several independent approaches—from cameras or LIDAR and GPS/INS to GPR—is the best way to ensure a robust solution, to reduce or eliminate failures that would endanger vehicle occupants and others on the road.

An unmatched level of added protection

With GPR, automakers are enhancing vehicles with more reliable and accurate ADAS features—including autonomous parking and active lane keeping—safeguarding the automated driving experience with centimeter-level accuracy and reliability.

The future of driving is here

Are you ready?